Your Thoughts Make A Difference on your Hair

Our thoughts become words and words become actions. Actions, in turn, influence our thoughts and the cycle repeats. If you lead with positive thoughts about your hair, you’ll follow-up with actions that make a positive impact.

No-wash Blow Dry Hair

A personal example: I decided to go natural because my hair, had 5 inches worth of split-ends and even more heat and tinted damage. I wanted to have healthy hair, so I made the conscious decision to stop neglecting it and start taking care of it. This lead to a chain of actions designed to make my hair grow back strong and healthy. Now my hair is past its original length with a touch of beautiful platin gray’s and much healthier than it ever was! To think that this all started because of a few positive thoughts.

Why Is Important to take care of your thoughts:

Sending positivity towards your hair isn’t going to perform miracles. So why thinking is important and how is it beneficial? It’s beneficial because it allows you to have a better experience in dealing with your hair. Let’s be honest, natural hair isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s time-consuming and you don’t want to deal with it. However, filling your head with encouraging thoughts make that experience better.

Say affirmations about your hair. State what you’re thankful for and what your hair is good at. The act of saying things out loud will dramatically change how you think about and act towards your hair.

Book a no-wash, blow dry service that is performed on clean hair. I am only able to offer a blow dry hair. Not to fear – if you arrive with wet hair, I would be more than happy to blowout!


Short Hair

No-Wash Blow Dry Short Hair


Long Hair

No Wash-Blow Dry Long Hair