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What are the benefits to have a Life Coach:

A life coach is a resourceful professional person who can help you to reach your goals and guide you to make changes in your life.

A life Coach can motivate you, strategize your life plans, and hold you accountable to your dreams. People who work with life coaches tend to be happier and more successful, and it’s not a coincidence.

Life coaches will help you to figure out, how to live, doing what you love, become more confident, assert yourselves, and achieve major life goals.

When you work with one professional life coach, they become your number one cheerleader. Life coaches are committed to helping you, to be the best you can be, your happiness and well-being is their number one priority.

The greatest part is that you can choose your own coach, and you can choose the professional who has the ability to deliver exactly what you need at every point in your life. Today I want to thank you to stop by my website, and I want to encourage you to work with me and make a difference in your life, by now just continue to read and Welcome.


What are the benefits of Hatha Yoga/Meditation:

Hatha is considered as a Gentle Yoga that focuses on static poses and is great for beginners. However, even though it is gentle, it can still be physically and mentally challenging.

While each class varies depending on the instructor, most classes last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. Classes typically start with a gentle warm-up, advance to more physical poses, and end with a short period of meditation.

As a human being we spend most of our time, complaining about everything, plus sometimes we have difficulties, like health problems, separation of a loved one, struggling financially, etc…!

Today I want to invite you to participate in a Hatha Yoga/ Meditation class, where you will find the tools to transform your life, spiritually, emotionally and Physically. Yoga is not a Hobby is a real health benefit practice.

Hatha Yoga/Meditation represents wholeness, a connection, with our body and mind reminding us, our relation to the infinity, to the present, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

Hatha Yoga/Meditation has a purpose to allow us to become one with the universe.

BACH FLOWERS (included in coach session)

What are the benefits of Bach Flowers remedies:

The Bach Flowers remedies were developed by Dr. Bach through a unique method.

Doctor Bach identified dew on plants that affected him emotionally when his hand hovered over the plants.

He then was able to identify a total of 38 different remedies.

These remedies are now known around the world as “Bach Flower Remedies”. Each of these remedies has a different function and provides different health benefits to the patient.

The 38 different remedies identified by Dr Bach includes Agrimony, Aspen, Beech, Cerato, Cherry Plum, Centaury, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Clematis, Crab Apple, Elm, Gentian, Gorse, Heather, Holly, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Impatiens, Larch, Mustard, Mimulus, Oak, Olive, Pine, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Rock Water, Scleranthus, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain, Vine, Walnut, Water Violet, Wild Oat,White Chestnut, Wild Rose and Willow.

The remedies contain a mixture of water and brandy as well as the dew of the specific flower, that is used for a specific function. Among all of the Bach flower remedies, the Rescue Remedy is the most popular and is used by millions of people all over the world.

The Rescue Remedy contains five Bach flower remedies combined for the use in emergency cases. The solution is known to relax the patient, as well as assist them in gaining an overall calm effect and to enhance focus. Many students use this remedy to help them get through exams, while others use the remedy to calm down after receiving bad news, stress, anxiety, etc…!

SOUL COACHING SESSION (Based in Tarot Reading) Investment $88 (1 hour)

What’s the difference between life coach and soul coaching?

Life coaching is outcome oriented. It focuses on where you are now, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there.

There are action steps to take and you are to commit it to follow them, success is tangible and measurable. Goals are achieved. The results are extremely positive and will make an amazing change in your life

Soul coaching is from the inside/out. It asks bigger questions. Soul Coaching focuses on transforming who you are, your values, your core belief structures, your identity, your destiny, rather than just changing what do you do.

It empowers you to shift the paradigms and believes which no longer serve you, to practice new ways of being that align you with your passion, to evolve to your highest potential.

Shifting how you are being, rather than what you are doing, creates a transformation that radiates out into every other aspect of your life.

REIKI ENERGY SESSION – Investment $80 (1 hour)

One of the greatest Reiki healing benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well-being to the recipient.

This simple, non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self of the Receiver to promote the health and well-being of the entire physical, emotional and psychic body. Therefore it is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Reiki is a specific type of subtle energy work in which healing is performed by the touch of the hands, allowing the flow of the energy from a limitless source, to the patient via the Reiki practitioner.

It is extremely powerful, yet gentle energy that can be easily channeled to yourself and others, just by intention.

Reiki healing is a pure energy form. When it is combined with the sincere Desire of the Healer, who is willing to effect a cleansing within their emotional and spiritual consciousness, a total healing can occur.


How do you Integrate the Tarot to your Bachelorette Party?

TAROT is a wonderful resource that adds innovation, creativity and entertainment. A Tarot reading, in addition to informative, enlightening and introspective, can be very fun and serve as a topic of conversation between attendee or guests of an event.

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