Hand Divine Energy

Look at your hands. They are a history book of where you’ve been and everything you’ve touched and worked for. Think of the handshakes you’ve shared and pause for a moment to remember how they felt — some weak or strong, others soft or rough. Through their hands, you felt some of the other person’s character and even the kind of work they’ve done. Remember how your hands feel when you hold a small baby or someone of any age. They are filled with love and beauty.

The traditions of Tantra and Hatha Yoga, Buddhism and Taoism, are agree that the palms of the hand contain energy vortices (chakras or power-points) that connect the physical body (brain, organs, glands, veins, tendons) with the subtle or energetic body (chakras, nadis, meridians). The thumb and each of the fingers are imbued with specific metaphysical powers, and offer channels for the flow of Prana or Qi (life force or divine energy) through the energy body.

Manicures rituals will include body butter cream, nail work, cuticle work, buffing and your choice of paint colour.

  1. Relaxing Eucalyptus Ritual Manicure.  

This ritual manicure smells good and is apply with Eucalyptus steam over your face during your service to help reduce Headaches, Migraines, Sinus infections, Allergies. You will start out with a Eucalyptus manicure water bowl. You will then be lathered in a deeply hydrating butter cream and wrapped in a hot towels. Finishing up with a soothing massage.  (1 hour and 15 minutes).

Relaxing Eucalyptus Ritual Manicure


Complimentary Glass of Prosecco with Rituals Manicures.

2. Hydrating Peppermint oil/Coconut Bath Milk Soak Ritual Manicure.

To soften a out of condition dry hands, carefully we are selecting a combination of restorative Peppermint oils deeply nourishes rough dry hands to leave them, feeling smooth and comfortable.

Coconut Bath Milk Soak supports cellular renewal and helps soften dry skin. The hands and arms are gently brushed. An essential oil scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the treat to follow: Hands and Arms are softened with rich peppermint oil and a hydrating cream are applied and then are wrapped in a hot towel, to allow deep penetration. (1 hour and 15 minutes).

Hydrating Peppermint Oil/Coconut Milk Soak Ritual Manicure


3. Conventional Manicure

Basic manicure

Enjoy this relaxation and pampering experience in getting your manicure. This treatment includes all nail work, cuticle work, light hands and arm massage, buffing and your choice of paint colour. (45 minutes).

Conventional Manicure