Soul for your Sole

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I wanted to dedicate to changing the way how we treat our pedicure and feet. A majority people we know suffer from foot pain and nails issues at some point in their lives. Either from injury, for use, disease, posture, sport, type of shoes, diet or lifestyle. With over an estimated 7,500 nerve endings in your feet, it is no wonder they can be so painful to stand in, and your nails even need care.

But I have in some incredible and effective ways, bring you relief to many of those challenging conditions. My pedicure feet treatment has already become a favorite among my guests. To simultaneously detox and be relax, while I am doing your pedicure.

Complimentary Glass of Prosecco with Rituals Pedicures

I begin with a specials mineral salt blend, aromatic oils. Full rituals will include nutritional foot scrub or mask, body butter cream, muscle rub cream, nail work, cuticle work, buffing and your choice of paint colour.

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SOUL PEDICURE RITUALS:                                       

  1. Relaxing Eucalyptus Ritual Pedicure.  

Historically, Headaches, Migraines, Sinus infections, Allergies, Asthma to mention some conditions, have had a remarkable reduction in symptoms when Foot Soaking therapies were applied. It works by quickly pulling blood to the lower extremities of the body. This serves in many ways to reduce symptoms.

This ritual pedicure smells good and I apply with Eucalyptus steam over your face during your service to help reduce Headaches, Migraines, Sinus infections, Allergies. You will start out with a Eucalyptus bath feet soak, next you will be smoothed lower legs with a sugar scrub. You will then be lathered in a deeply hydrating butter cream and wrapped in a hot towels. Finishing up with a soothing massage.  (1 hour and 15 minutes).

Relaxing Eucalyptus Pedicure


2. Hydrating Peppermint oil/Coconut Bath Milk Soak Ritual Pedicure.

To soften a out of condition dry feet, carefully we are selecting a combination of restorative Peppermint oils deeply nourishes rough dry feet to leave them, feeling smooth and comfortable.

Coconut Bath Milk Soak supports cellular renewal and helps soften dry cracked skin. The feet and lower legs are gently brushed before soaking. A essential oil scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the treat to follow: Heels are softened with rich peppermint oil and a hydrating cream are applied and the feet are wrapped in a hot towel, to allow deep penetration. (1 hour and 15 minutes).

Hydrating Peppermint oil/Coconut Bath Milk Ritual Pedicure


3. Convencional Pedicure

Enjoy this relaxation and pampering experience in getting your toenails pedicured. This treatment includes all nail work, cuticle work, light lower leg massage, buffing and your choice of paint colour. (45 minutes).

  • Ingrown Nails, Callus, Corn are by request. ($15 extra)

Conventional Pedicure