Women Empower yourself from you Female Energy, based in your cycle menstruation and emotional detachments. (Can be done one on one).

This workshop is guidance to who want to connect with her female energy, her sensuality, her body, through detachment, through the heart, through her menstrual cycles, even if you are in your perimenopause or menopause time.

I will make an effort in this workshop to share with you and demonstrate you that you can love yourself first, acknowledging that we have 4 monthly cycles that maybe you don’t know about our female energy.

With my own life experience, hundreds of books that I read and still reading, my professional studies, and the most important all people and situations that I went through, that they are my true masters, my mirrors, my shades.

In this workshop, you woman will go to find tools to focus on finding your connection with your body, soul, and spirit.

Healing and taking conscious that you are a wonderful and amazing person, capable for giving to your life the space to live a relationship with yourself naturally, which we have been dissociated creating separation, frustration, no satisfaction, feelings of shame, inappropriate beliefs, intense emotions of not acceptance, physical abuses and more, this situation lead us to unpleasant experiences in the work environment, with our kids, family, friends with our world.

4 ciclos workshop dibujo

In this workshop, you going to find the liberation of your learned beliefs, the shame of ourselves and what others said, to the emotional pain. At the same time, it will open the doors thru your healthy and evolutionary and transformative sexuality, improving first the relationships with yourself and then with others.

It will be an interactive group coaching experience, applying exercise and auto help techniques, cleaning and open our Chakras, visualization meditation, rituals to heal our womb, beauty coaching, dances and much more.

First Day + RSVP (not refundable)  

Thank You...!


Woman Empower Yourself from detachments.

In this first day, you will be enjoying the Topic Introduction, drink and snack are included, Q&A, Mirror Exercise, Cleaning and disconnection of attachments through of Dancing exercise, Chakras Openings, Healing Womb Meditation, and Celebration.


Second Day

Thank You...!


Reconnect with your female energy ( you have to take the first day).

In this second day is necessary to take the first-day workshop. We will be enjoying the topic introduction, Drink and Snack are included. Q&A, Exercise to connect with your Uterus, Heart and your Throat with our Chakras, Menstruation Phases Colocation Exercise, Body Connection Dance, Meditation to Celebrate.