Zen Skin Care Treatments


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Transcend your beauty – Living your authentic life, will let your beauty shine. Beauty is an inside job.  Live it like nobody’s watching. When you align with your spirit, beauty will transform within and out.

To achieve natural radiance, we need to understand the relationship between our internal and external conditions. Beauty is a reflection of natural harmony within ourselves and with our environment.

Today’s society is harsh; stress, emotional health, diet and daily environmental toxins and aggressors trigger many imbalances in the body. Imbalances in the skin are reflected through sensitivity, inflammation, discoloration, acne and premature aging, to list a few.

Bliss Zen skin Care Treatments… Let your stress melt away & pause the “ to do” with Zen Facials sessions. Bliss Zen Skin Care treatments are customized to your skin’s needs and desire – Aromatherapy is always included.   

Complimentary Glass of Prosecco is included.

Zen Facial Treatment, Tones the skin, Increases circulation, promotes new skin cell growth, collagen production, evens skin tone, de-stresses the nervous and muscular system. Easing the mind, body and spirit…. Leaving you glowing & empowered to remain in the Zen mode!  


Rejuvenation Zen Facial Therapy:

This Zen Skin treatment is ultra rejuvenating facial that is customized to fit your specific skin care needs. You will receive all the essentials necessary for healthy and radiant skin: regular cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of pores (if necessary), Chemical customized peel, facial massage, and soothing or revitalizing treatment mask

INCLUDES: Hand and arm massage, foot massage, head and neck massage.

For normal skin, non toxic ingredients and products used will be fully customized to suit your skin needs.

Rejuvenation Zen Therapy


Relaxing Zen Aromatherapy Steam Session: 

The essential oils used in aromatherapy can alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and skin irritations. They also have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Facial steamers help open pores in your skin to improve circulation and remove toxins. Aromatherapy Steam Session, can help soothe and relieve irritated skin while providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You will receive regular cleansing, facial massage.

INCLUDES: Hand and arm massage, head and neck massage.

For all skin type, (no apply with Rosacea condition) non toxic ingredients and products used will be fully customized to suit your skin needs. (Complimentary Glass of Prosecco is not included).

Relaxing Zen Aromatherapy Steam Session


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Double Boho Zen Cleansing Acne Prone:

This facial consists of a double cleansing, an exfoliating mask with steam, extractions of blackheads, whiteheads, Salicylic Acid chemical treatment is apply, and proper treatment of active acne, mask is applied, the non oil application of moisturizer and sunscreen. (Complimentary Glass of Prosecco is not included).

INCLUDES: Hand and arm massage, head and neck massage, (facial massage is not apply).

BENEFITS: Reduces excess sebum that leads to a greasy, oily skin, removes blackheads and whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities, diminishes existing acne, Helps prevent new break out, helps improve skin’s texture, Helps reduce acne scars and post acne hyperpigmentation..

Double Boho Zen Cleasing Acne Prone


Warm Zen Essential oil Hot Stone Facial Massage:

Experience the ultimate in peace and relaxation while melting away tension and fatigue by transforming our core facial into an extraordinary relaxation experience. Warm smooth stones are used to gently massage the face, neck, and decollate as circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated. 

INCLUDES: Basic facial cleansing treatment includes steaming, moisture is apply according to the specific requirements of your skin, the hot stone treatment end we finish with a facial mask.

BENEFITS: Helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and muscle tension, help you enjoy more restorative sleep, the heat and energy of the stones de-stresses, energizes, increases circulation, decreases tension headaches, and promotes increased well being.

Warm Zen Essential oil Hot Stone Facial Massage